Where can I find the file "WProgram.h"?

Whenever the PS/2 library for mice and keyboards ("ps2") is used right out of the box, it is missing the file "WProgram.h". Where can that file be found?

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I'll assume since you have Arduino as a key word that you referring to a libray on the Arduino.

Which version of the Arduino are you trying to use and what version of the IDE are you running? Has the library been updated to support the version of the IDE your using?
VirtualBoxer (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
I am using an Uno Revision 2 with Arduino IDE 1.01. I am currently using the version of the PS/2 library available at arduino.cc (the original one), but both are missing that file.
The library your using isn't updated for the 1.X IDE. In the 1.X IDE they updated how some things work requiring some changes in the libraries. I delt with this a few months ago but can't remember what changes i made to make it work. See the WProgram.h is a file the library is looking for in the IDE that is no longer there and has been replaced. I could be wrong but i think you need to edit the .cpp file in the library.

You need to replace this:

With this:

Like i said its been a while. You should check over at the Arduino forums for clarification on this.
VirtualBoxer (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Include what? Whose fault is it that I didn't hear you?
VirtualBoxer (author)  VirtualBoxer5 years ago
Never mind, I used Google to search for "wprogram alternative arduino 1.x", and I found the new name. I tried it, and now it works fine. By the way, this is the first time I've replied to myself.
Odd that it cut off the Arduino.h and WProgram.h from that.