Where can I get 55 plastic drums?

I need to get several plastic 55 gallon drums for various projects. Does anyone know any good non-specific places to get them?(non specific i.e. schools, car washes, resturaunts, or national chain stores and the like)

Vailhem6 years ago
Craigslist almost always has them. Just do a search in your local craigslist (or surrounding one depending on if you want to drive) and if nothing comes up, put up a post yourself. They're usually sold for $10 but may go as high as $25. The other thing to do is just pull up a list of industrial places around town. Sauce making companies, or call animal places. Lots of bulk animal feed comes in the containers. Some restaurants will buy sauces in HUGE bulk that will come in the size. Lots of food processing places basically. The phone book should have a list of pages, and, even if they don't, they may know of places who will, just ask and they'll rattle off a list of places. If you get lucky, you'll find a place that someone hasn't gotten to yet and... get their supply. Most of the people selling them on Craigslist do this. Basically, they get the barrels for free and put em up and make a small profit off of it. Some of the places around town were going through 5 a day. Many of them will just send back the old ones, but sometimes they just throw them away depending on if they can be recycled. I live in Louisville, KY and there is a company here who refurbishes them on an industrial level and resells them at a healthy discount from new ones but all to code of new ones. This means they've made quite the business out of it such that they've eaten up much of the local supply of 'waste' containers... sometimes a few sneak out and... you can find them on craigslist.
Beuna6 years ago
CocaCola and Pepsi sometimes have them. There are also emergency preparedness stores that sell them.
tyep6 years ago
My local water treatment plant(city owned) always has a bunch they like to get rid of.