Where can I get "Neon Gas?"

What stores or online websites can i get it at?

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kenyer6 years ago
At you local neon-sign maker!? They must have their own glass-blowing facility. But how are you going to take it with you? Where do you need it for?
ckennedy10 (author)  kenyer6 years ago
Thanks for the help and I am making an engineering project that will allow me to see electricity! It a spark jumping from a wire to another wire enlarged to a flame with the use of neon gas.

Neon is no good for flames - use a flammable gas. Have you some diagram of this thing?

lemonie6 years ago

You mean Neon (gas)?
Not easy, if you look you find places like this:

ckennedy10 (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Thanks everyone!
It kind of depends on how much you want.  If you just want a tiny amount, e.g to look at what kind of light it produces when excited, then find one of those little neon indicator lamps.

They come with electrodes already attached and everything. See attached picture.

If you want a big effing tank of it, then the places that sell gasses for welding, will likely have neon.  E.g.
If I can believe what Google Maps tells me, Airgas has stores in Phoenix and Mesa.