Where can I get a high amperage power supply?

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Phew, you need a welder then. That would be just about right. Then a nice fat set of diodes to get DC, assuming you want DC.
HOW high ? What voltage?
theVader75 (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
up to 100a ,max 40v
ARJOON6 years ago
A MOT saves all the time.(a life saver if you know how to mod it)

line transmission before transformer getting few thousands of volts a 20-100A(not tried)

Computer power supply(helped)

Car batteries(helped a lot)

charged capacitor bank which discharges huge amout of current in a specific time depending on capacitance(helped a lot in coil guns and other electro mag projects)

generator. it you who will decide on how much power you will need
lemonie6 years ago
Computer PSU
Large battery
"Pole pig"
Power transmission line tap
Vyger6 years ago
Are you looking for a computer power supply? You can get a hefty one of those from any of the online computer parts suppliers.