Where can I get a microphone for my iTouch?

I want to get headphones with a mic, a mic adapter, headset, or whatever for my iPod Touch. It's generation is Late 2009, 8gb.


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MegaMaker (author) 7 years ago
I really don't know if these are compatible with my iPod.
I think I'll go to Radioshack and see what works maybe...
NYPA7 years ago
The earphones they came with have a built in microphone.
MegaMaker (author)  NYPA7 years ago
Well my microphone is imaginary then.
MegaMaker (author) 7 years ago
jeffo-o -
Darn I kind need to use speaker of head phones while I use the microphone :(
 Then I guess this is what you need!
jeff-o7 years ago
Here's one for $4.  Also in black!
Player.exe7 years ago
You can buy the official in-ear headphones from Apple or you can make an homemade adaptor like this one for cheaper. They will both work without any additional software.
MegaMaker (author)  Player.exe7 years ago
Do I have to get the crazy expensive in-ear ones that are like $79 or the cheaper one that are about $29?
As long as the earphones have a 4 connector 3.5 mm jack they should work with a second generation iPod touch out of the box.
TheFawns7 years ago
Well I got a pair from my brother who works at an AT&T store, they are for an iphone. The price was only like 25 dollars i think...but if you go to a cell phone store and ask, who knows what you will find :)