Where can I get recycled industrial textile material?

 I've been looking for this: http://www.markrobson.fr/page5/files/metisse1.jpg kind of industrial recycled felt(?) type material everywhere and I can't seem to find any source that isn't exclusively sold wholesale with insanely huge minimum bulk orders like 1,000 meters minimum or something. I really really like the look of the material and wanted to use it for home decor things like for furniture or even use as a rug and possibly clothes or something and I also of course like the fact that it's made of recycled materials. Which brings up another question does anyone happen to know if this stuff is safe for those kinds of applications or is it similar to fiberglass insulation which is actually pretty harmful to touch? I really want to use it for clothes or home decor if it isn't harmful but definitely don't have the money or even use for anything over 10 meters of this material and even that's a stretch I really am looking more like up to five meters or so at the moment.

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gravityisweak6 months ago

I think I found it. Here you go. These have the look you want and also seem like they may hold up well. Search for "moving blanket"


Hey, nice find! +1.

Keep in mind these really can't be washed without falling apart. But they are in blanket form. I don't think they hold up too well though.

Kiteman6 months ago

I've dealt with that kind of material under a variety of brand-names - it's intended as an insulation or vibration-dampening filler material (you might see it behind the interior panels of a car, for instance). It is rather thick - half an inch upwards - and has very little in the way of structural strength (it's not so much a felt as a non-woven fabric), so it would be unsuitable for anything except novelty clothing, and would not survive being the outer layer of upholstery.

Yeah this stuff falls apart just like your standard pink insulation would if you tried to make a couch out of it. Although if you used it as a type of stuffing and had clear plastic as your "fabric" you might be able to make something interesting out of it. But calling this material fabric is probably a bit of a stretch. Maybe try a junkyard and pull apart some old car ceilings.

Jack A Lopez6 months ago

I tried looking for this using Google(r) Images, and one of the things that comes up is insulation material, including a product calling itself, Ultratouch(r) Denim Insulation, being sold in a roll 16 inch by 48 inch roll, for like 11 USD, at HomeDepot(r),



I think that matches at least one of your criteria. It's available in small quantities.

Also I am guessing this material, this Ultratouch(r) stuff linked above, is fluffy, but lacking mechanical strength, since it is being sold as insulation material.