Where can I get tapes for Commidore 64 in audio format?

I recently got a Commodore 64 and plan to use it for vintage coding and playing retro computer games. So I want to load some Basic code on some games like Pacman, Tetris, etc. 

I would like to load sound from my phone and connect an AUX cable to he input port, the conputer will think that I am loading a cassette since it is analog and is really just looking for a sound. I can't explain everything so well, just go to this video, https://youtu.be/_9SM9lG47Ew and skip to 7:32. That should explain what I am talking about. 
So my question is what are those websites with retro games file in cassette (Audio) format that I can just plug in my MP3 player or phone or whatever into the input port and the computer will think I am loafing a cassette? Also I guess if I want to record I will plug in my phone to the output port and record audio.

So basically can someone give me a website where I can retro games in audio format like what I explained?
Abd sorry if this is the wrong category.

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iceng7 months ago

We are talking this ?

Or the later version of a box with i/o for everything ?

ADRIANT28 (author)  iceng7 months ago

A newer version that doesn't have a built in screen, forgot the model sorry bout that

ADRIANT28 (author)  ADRIANT287 months ago

Not the Commodore PET

That pic reminds me of the "personal computers" we used in school LOL
I used to transfer my programs from a datasette as everything on these 8080's were identical to what Commodore used.
Also reminds me of times with real music that did not require half naked girls in a video to have success ROFL

Nakeding females are nice but are totally detracting from the quality of any music...

rickharris7 months ago

what does google tell you. I fi and several sites offering 64 games for download.

iceng rickharris7 months ago

Perhaps a pointer to a non-money grubbing url would be neighborly :)

rickharris iceng7 months ago


Oh well.

Actually I have little idea what your looking for but you can better spend the time than I can.

ADRIANT28 (author)  rickharris7 months ago
I searched on Google but I don't get any search result that I am looking for.
iceng7 months ago

You know these games are mostly in basic language, which was hand typed in by the keyboard and then saved to cassette for easy reload...

I have two 64s and did key in a machine language (Not 'C') to run a Lionel train PWM so my children could creep a full train to an exact station position stop.. -.-. . --. -.

ADRIANT28 (author)  iceng7 months ago

Yeah, I meant tapes loading BASIC code. So do you know any websites that I can load games in BASIC with audio, with the Commodore thinking it is a Datassette?

As Iceng pointed out the programs are in plain text.
Games that were not freeware, including those on the cartridges and disks came in assembler code.
So you basically need a way to get the files you find onto the C64 in the first place, from there you can save them onto a tape with a datasette or better use the disk drive.
Getting the files as an audio won't happen for two reasons:
a) you need to record them with the exact speeds for the datasette in question.
b) most games these days come in the form of files for ROM emulators.

I would start in one of the many C64 forums out there and do some digging ;)

iceng ADRIANT287 months ago

Look for printed basic text in old basic games on google, I remember volumetric 1.5 times bigger then large coffee-table 30 page magazines full of basic game programs for the TRS-80, Apple_II and Commodore_64..

Then do the long work of correctly typing the game instructions into the very limited RAM Random_Access_Memory, once you get the selected game to Run, then finally save it to a good cassette tape..