Where can I get the blue 55 gallon drums?

Where can I get the blue 55 gallon drums, like the ones people use for rain barrels?

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Check your local soda bottler (Pepsi/Coke) as the syrup comes in 55 gallon containers. Our local one in Tucson sells them at 15 to 25 dollars each. Since it was syrup, its foodsafe, if thats a concern.
onrust7 years ago
I live around horse property.  I checked Craig's List......after pricing them at the feed store for $25.   I got this 1/2 barrel on CL for $5.
owl box onrust7 years ago
That's such an excellent hitch for recycling. You should bring those to a homeless shelter.
owl box7 years ago
I've found them on craigslist for about $20.
bmlk997 years ago
up here in maine we have transfer stations and they usually have them and they give them away most of the time food products have come in them. so just to be safe check out what was in them .I used one to keep sand in for the drieway in the winter good luck.
Be careful to find out what kinds of materials were shipped in containers. Some chemicals may leech into the plastic which would then leech out into the held water. Along similar circumstances there is a plastic molding factory near me that receives materials in metal barrels, but theirs are lined with a plastic bag. So even if some not so nice things were transported in a barrel, find out if they may have been contained in some other sort of barrier that would protect the contamination from happening.
stellamojo7 years ago
Our city's industrial park area has an Olive importer. The olives come in those drums, and they sit empty outside the wharehouse. They sell them for $5 each. They used to just give them away, but once folks starting doing the rain barrels the company found a way to make a few bucks.
Kiteman7 years ago
Farms, factories.
tyep7 years ago
Check with local breweries if you have any in your area.  They often receive materials used for brewing beer in such barrels and I know of one brewery in my area that gives them away.
kelseymh7 years ago