Where can I purchase 20-30 pieces plexi/acrylic glass for 12x18"design, for faux stained glass painting project?

20-30 students in class will be making faux stained glass Easter/cross design, 12x18" approximate size. Where could we purchase pieces of plexi/acrylic glass to accomodate their design?

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babybrands7 years ago
You could try ebay.
Its amazing what you can find there.
Grathio7 years ago
Like pensic I buy most of my plastics from Tap Plastics, but they have a store just down the street from me.  My go-to place for materials on line is McMaster-Carr. They have just about everything, prices can vary between cheap to outrageous.

Let us know where in the world you are and maybe we can find something local.
pensic7 years ago
I get most of my plastic from TAP Plastics.  They have stores where I'm located, but they also sell on-line.  Their material prices range from really good to "Bill Gates couldn't buy that." But I think that's just the state of plastic pricing these days.  If you find a walk-in store, they usually have a scrap bin with $1 pieces.
Burf7 years ago
Your most economical source will most likely be a lumber yard. Buy it in full sheets and have them cut it to the dimensions you need.
You can usually find very thin clear sheets of various types of plastic at places like Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Slightly thicker pieces are available at Lowe's/Home Depot in the window glass section. If none of these places are available, you'll need to locate a plastics supplier in your area.

Side comment: Steer clear of actual name-brand Plexiglas in favor of less expensive alternatives. Last time the price of oil went up, the price of Plexi shot through the roof and didn't come back down.
Depends where in the world you are.