Where can I purchase a battery holder with an attached toggle switch? 4aa, 2c or 2d.?

I am making led lamps for a game. Last question returned a great answer for cheap leds, I'm hoping to get an equally great answer for this one. I am going to make led rope lights. I will use 8 leds and need to power this with batteries. I want to use 4 (max) AA, 2 (max) C, or 2 (max) D size batteries. If I can find a battery carriage or holder with a toggle switch as one piece that would be optimum.

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Grathio8 years ago
Radio Shack has them (here). (Surpisingly it's not too overpriced.)

Otherwise Google is your friend.
buccanero (author)  Grathio8 years ago
Sorry, not a Radio Shack fan. They sell only AA (2 battery capacity) I am looking for 2 cap C or D and 4 cap AA. Thank you, however for the suggestion.
Did you check my link? It links directly to a 4 AA battery holder with integrated switch.
I stand corrected! I have to look more closely in my RS next time. I wonder what else there is there that I'm missing.
Re-design8 years ago
First question is, did you go back and mark the best answer? If not shame on you. Now this question. I've never seen a battery carriage with integral switch unless taken out of a piece of equipment where it was made especially for it. You will probably have to pick you battery box, the pick your switch and the make a bracket for that switch. It won't be too hard. You can use a tin can lid cut and drilled to fit. Cover the sharp edges. Good luck.