Where can I sell my old electronic gadgets and appliances? It is on as is where is basis...thanks?

I would like to sell my old electronic gadgets and old appliances. Is there a site online where I can post my ads..thanks

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DeceptibotX5 years ago
Pawn shop. But ALWAYS make sure you look up your items value first, otherwise they will buy it for lessw and sell it for more.
bwrussell5 years ago
Newspapers have been migrating their classifieds online recently, often if you buy an ad with them you get both an online posting and a print ad.

+1 to mpilchfamily though, craigslist is the cheapest (free in most cities).

Where have you been that you don't know about craigslist and ebay?
rickharris5 years ago
Never replace until a product is not working - the you will a) reduce cash flow b) never have anything to sell on just recycle

Depending on the items you could use Gazelle. They buy electronics and either refurbish them and resell or they recycle them.