Where can find a free electronic circuit schematic drawing program?

I have been looking on the web for some programs to use to draw circuit schematic and PCB. All the ones that I have found had problems such as them only being free for only one month or not working on mac computers. Could some one please give me a link to a website or program, and also I would prefer it to run on adobe flash or java script. thanks for the help.

caitlinsdad8 years ago

Eagle trial is free but a lot of users here. Good luck.
joe429437 (author) 8 years ago
thank you for giving me the link the program was easy to under stand and I had no difficulty downloading, the only problem is that occasionally it says that I need to name something and it gives me a list saying $8/$15 for some reason.
JayaB joe4294377 years ago
Probably, you have crossed over another net in which case it is warning you that it is merging the two connections.
JayaB joe4294377 years ago
You can register in www.element-14.com which is an open forum where your questions are answered by other electronic professionals.