Where can i buy a bunch of unused altoids tins(never had altoids in them)?

gmxx5 years ago
trevor3693 gmxx4 years ago
they r more expensive than altoid tins with altoids.
woody5585 years ago
You probably can't find empty ones. My suggestion is going to the store and emptying them out into a container so you have a bunch of tins.
You could just buy the tins, empty and clean them, and send me the altoids.
also- I beat you to this name, because you stole slartibartfast.
haha i actually took that back i dont want it to reset my comments again   :-P
Burf5 years ago
Or here:
Re-design5 years ago
Go here and see if they've got what you want.  If not then google tin box container and find something there.