Where can i find a British Standard Cycle Die (9.35mm diameter, 26TPI) in the UK

Im after a British Standard Cycle Die (9.35mm diameter, 26TPI) to thread a steel stub axel so it will fit inside a bike hub like a spindle (with cones from an old spindle) if anyone knows where i can find one of these please get in touch! :D
PS i live in the UK

Try Non-Pareil Tap and Die, or Tap-Die.com

kelseymh7 years ago
Interesting. I was about to write something snarky about using Google (notice the top link), but then I tried something subtle. Google UK doesn't give any resources!

Ah, ha! 9.35mm is slightly (7 mil, or 170 micron) smaller than 3/8" (= 9.52 mm). The closest match is 47/128" (23.55/64"). Searching for "3/8 x 26 TPI die" gives lots of results. That should get you started, hopefully.