Where can i find a small projector?

I have a project on my mind that would need a projector similar to one used in a projection keyboard, like this one  .  
I don't have the money to buy the thing and rip out the projector, so any help would be greatly appreciated. 

What I'm looking for:
Names of manufacturers 
Name/serial number of projector
How much it costs
Any other information you can find on the matter

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Not sure if you have a place like this near you, but there is an electronics store near me that sells used and disassembled electronics. Its a gold mine for finding parts at very cheap prices. I bought a projector for $25 and only needed minor repairs to get it working, retail for a new one was $800+.

Would you be kind enough to give me the address of that store.

The store is called HSC Electronic Supply located in Santa Clara, CA.

3051 Corvin Dr. Santa Clara, CA 95051

Thanks very much, I do pass through there now and then..

Now pleasure awaits me. ..

iceng5 years ago
thegeeke5 years ago
I don't remember the info you're asking for, but I know that I just saw a small handheld projector on clearance for around $150 at Office Max. Not sure if they all have it, or just mine.