Where can i find small quantities of leather?

So I'm making my Halloween costume and I'm making some leather Armour (for my arms and legs) but i have no idea where to find leather.

Does anyone know if fabric stores might have some? that would be most helpful.

(I'm also avoiding buying online)

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Kiteman5 years ago
Think laterally - go to a charity / thrift store and buy something old and made of leather, like an old handbag, jacket or tatty leather armchair.

It will even be "pre-worn" for you!
rickharris5 years ago
Lots of fabric stores will have fake leather which should work for your project - usually called leatherette.
Fabric stores might have some suede, which would work for a costume.

Thrift and second-hand stores are a great source of smaller pieces of leather - a purse with broken strap, boots with worn heels, jacket with a nasty stain, etc. can be obtained cheaply, cut apart and the leather repurposed.

Craft stores often carry smaller quantities of new scrap leather.

Do you have a Tandy outlet in your town? They have lots of leather.
monsterlego (author)  CatTrampoline5 years ago
Thats helpful, thanks!

I never heard of Tandys
Burf5 years ago
Tandy's The Leather Factory sells bags of scrap leather through many of their retail outlets. They also sell online but I don't know what they have there.