Where can i get a 5 hp (or more powerful) motor ?

Im looking for a 5 hp or more engine, for a large hovercraft project. It doesn't really matter how many rpm's, as long as it runs. no more than 10 hp. hopefully under 150 bucks, it's okay if it's used. if a large fan for any reason is included, that would be absolutely perfect.

bikeparts248 years ago
Check out these engines from Harbor Freight:
From what I have read, these are knock-offs of Honda engines, so lots of upgrades and mods can be used. They come in different horsepower, and some have electric start. Be sure to post some pics of your finished hovercraft!
frankenboom (author)  bikeparts248 years ago
thank you, those look perfect! i'm going to be away from my house for a long time this summer, so i dont have anything to build it with. if we aren't doing anything next summer, that's when i will probably start building it. if not, then next year whem i have maybe even more tools.
lemonie8 years ago
Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine? L
frankenboom (author)  lemonie8 years ago
i cant find any cheap new ones on the internet, but there are some good deals on ebay, which is probably where i'll end up getting it. thanks!