Where can i get a cheap lenticular print? I only want one and everywhere seems to have a min order of 500!?

I have a budget of £20/$30 ish.

Is it possible to make a lenticular poster ?

I want this photograph to change from 'perfect' to 'ugly' depending on the angle it is looked at.

Thankyou to you lovely people

Picture of Where can i get a cheap lenticular print? I only want one and everywhere seems to have a min order of 500!?
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i know a 3d lenticular printing manufacturer,their quality is very good,the price is competitive,delivery time is so fast. their website is http://www.lenticular.mobi
yahavy4 years ago
The best online lenticular printing service is defiantly snapily.com
They also have a professional site snapilypro.com that enables more features , posters , custom prints and more.
The best thing here that you can design , upload and see an online preview.
Minimum order - 1 copy !!!!!
I didn't find any other site that has that
If you want great quality at very reasonable prices (5x7 - $10 for example) call the guys at Flippin'-A-Photo: 970-712-6177
They will take good care of you!!!
jyoting5 years ago
at www.digisignsindia.com
Just for US $ 00.2 per Sq.inch for single piece.
and US $ 00.02 per Sq.inch for Bulk order.
3d-leader5 years ago
We can offer just one pcs 3D lenticular prints. We usually supply several pcs big posters to our clients at good price. Suitable material and skilled technology will gurantee that you will get perfect prints. 12" x 16" , 24" x 36" , 48" x 96 "  
                                                                                                                               More information, www.3d-leader.com  . And you can find all kinds of effect on http://3d-leader.com/lenticular-effects.html
HarveyFloyd6 years ago
I offer one-off lenticular printing for sizes from 4x5 up to 16x20 in either landscape or portrait orientation. Retail price of my 8x10s are only $24 + shipping. 16x20s are only $85 + shipping. Drop me a line at harvey@zaxisprints.com.
true3dphoto6 years ago
We would love to make just one for you. As a lenticular printing company we have the know-how to make a good lenticular print without the high cost.  Check us out, www.vicgi.com.

We also have few lenticular printing tutorials that you may find useful if you were to do the printing by yourself.  Voila! www.vicgi.com/lenticular-tutorials.html.

Good luck!
lenticular8 years ago
we are 3d lenticular images professional printer supplier ( <a href="http://www.lxpack.com">http://www.lxpack.com</a>) please contact us freely !
strutzin8 years ago
We have excellent lenticular products at reasonable prices at our website (http://www.lenticularimageprinting.com) . Visit our site or call us at 248.738.7225
3DBradley8 years ago
I work for the world leader in lenticular printing, Big3D.com. Give me a call at 559-233-3380. We do one-offs all the time. Most of the other answers to your question will steer you wrong. Photolabs typically do not offer lenticular, and access to lenticular lens material is difficult, making it hard to do your own. Plus, the resolution of home printers is typically not sufficiently high to produce good results.
One service to try for the traditional plastic versions is:

Another is to check your local photo labs, including those at WalMart and office supply stores. They may have the service as well!

As for making your own:
http://photojojo.com/content/diy/how-to-make-lenticular-images/ Here's the fold process someone else mentioned. It's not that hard and the results are pretty good for something that was just a sheet of paper 10 minutes earlier.
gmxx8 years ago
there is away to do something like this if you fold the paper.

you will have to do flding, like if you are making a fan. in the diagram below, the slashs are the paer, and the points at the top and bottom are the creases.


on everyother fold, a slice of the image will show. so on all of the / marks, put the ugly face. and on the \ put the perfect face. this diagram will show how the image you need to print will be printed:


the "=" will be a 1" slice of the ugly face, and the "0" will be a 1" inch slice of the perfect face.
orksecurity8 years ago
Best suggestion I can come up with is to see if you can get a piece of the lenticular plastic overlay, then play with PC printing techniques to see if you can get the right stripe width to interleave the two images properly. Align the two and clamp or glue to keep 'em aligned.