Where can i get a mirror of KMidplay?(BeOS Program)?

Found here.
Both links are broken, Anyone have that program or know where i can get it.
Its for BeOS, Do not ask why, its a long story.

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ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
Thanks Everyone, I Emailed the Site owner, He fixed the links.

I'm sorry for your inconvinience. KMidiPlay.20010408.zip and other
files are online now.

KMIdiPlay is very simple midi player. It would be too simple, but you
can join with KMidiLevelMeter, KMIdiMixer, and so on. I hope it still
works fine...

Thank you,

ReCreate (author) 8 years ago
Bump... :(
ReCreate (author)  robotguy48 years ago
Its already solved...thanks anyways...
NO PROBLEM! I'm just here for the bumps...
ReCreate (author)  robotguy48 years ago
Haha Ok XD