Where can i learn about electronics like, what parts do what and what to do with them?

I have seen alot of electronics and want to learn about them and hopefully make them. I look at shcematics and dont understand them but i want to. I want to understand how they do their thing and such.

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ajedi8 years ago
You might try yenka electronics at http://yenka.com. Look for the free home us download page.
Dr.Bill8 years ago
Phil B8 years ago
Someone here once asked the same question and I took advantage of the answer, which sent me to download the modules in the US Navy electronics course (PDF files). http://www.tech-systems-labs.com/navy.htm There are 4,400 pages of text. You can skip over a lot of the math. There are also a number of tutorials on-line. Just search under electronics. Often one site will have several links to various others. A number of years ago I read Understanding Electronics by G. Randy Sloane and found it very helpful, although there were a couple of mistakes in it.
frollard8 years ago
google 'learn electronic components'

Capt. Howdy8 years ago
Go to radio shack and buy an electronics learning lab. around 30-40 bucks. It's well worth it you'll love it. By the time you complete all the projects you'll be a "pro".
kelseymh8 years ago
Did you try typing "electronics textbook" in http://www.amazon.com/?