Where can one buy Solidox (SOLID OXygen) legally?

I need Solidox for a project, but can't find it. Ideas?

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lemonie7 years ago
fwjs28 lemonie7 years ago
i don't think you read the whole thing...at the bottom it says it can no longer be bought at kmart
lemonie fwjs287 years ago
I did read it all, but not as carefully as yourself (thanks for pointing that out). "A plumbing and heating supply store, or even Sears may have small quantities for sale, at about $18.00 for 10 stix."

fwjs28 lemonie7 years ago
Yeah, i tend to do the same thing
lemonie fwjs287 years ago
Interesting that kelseymh gave the best answer without telling the guy where he could buy Solidox - resigned to the inevitable a bit too easily?

fwjs28 lemonie7 years ago
yeah, people tend to hit whatever looks good for answers...
El Mano (author)  fwjs287 years ago
As for kelseymh's "answer", I did not pick his response as the best. I wish I knew who did, though. I thought that only the question author could choose.
fwjs28 El Mano7 years ago
it was probably a mod
lemonie El Mano7 years ago
Oooh - spooky. People other than the author can, but the need special system privileges. It might not answer your question specifically, but there's a sensible message of "don't do it" in there. L
BrentG162 months ago

I have a couple of cans of solidox but I don't think it's legal to ship

i have the torch and rods but not the pellets that go with it......let me know whats up....

kelseymh7 years ago
"Need"? "Project"? "Legal"? Really. Given that you specified "pipe bomb" in your keywords, it is not obvious to me that any of those three words actually apply. Perhaps a better phrasing would be, "I want Solidox for some illegal incendiary work, but am too naïve to know any black market suppliers. Can someone here hook me up with a terrorist?"
El Mano (author)  kelseymh7 years ago
Sorry to unmark your "Best Answer", but technically it doesn't answer anything at all; it's simply a judgmental criticism. No matter how smart or responsible one is, ageism and "authority" make it hard for a teen to find many of the things used in homemade explosives. I cannot simply walk into Home Depot and buy a pound of Stump Remover, so I've been looking for other materials. Technically, I would like Solidox for a project involving explosives, and "I need to buy Solidox legally" sounds a lot better than "I want to buy Solidox; I've read it's illegal, but I thought I'd check". As for pipe bomb, that is where I originally found the idea for Solidox. Even then, just because one might build a pipe bomb, they could just as well detonate said bomb from a safe distance in the desert because they like pyrotechnics as drop it in a mailbox. I read in your profile "I've been an experimental high-energy physicist for 20 years (since I started graduate school in 1988)." Someone who appears to be in his late-forties should have the wisdom to know that just because a person is interested in explosives, it does not necessarily make him a violent black market searching terrorist. That's like saying "An experimental high-energy physicist is just a nerd who's watched to many Bond movies and thinks he can destroy the world with a death ray." I can’t stop you from judging people, and in fairness, I do it too, but please don’t post useless garbage on any more of my comments, Instructables, or community questions. Your criticism serves no helpful purpose; it only wastes virtual space and forces me to take the time to defend myself from an adult who formed a negative opinion and felt the need to comment on it.
well said EL Mano i came here looking for the same thing except i was thinking about playing around with it in model rocket fuel, i actually had one of theses little torches back in the 70s and that what gave me the idea of using the oxygen pellets as an oxidizer instead of kn03, i guess for some people we are all terrorist, part of me can't blame them for thinking like that ,but a bigger part of me would like to tell them to just shut the bloody bung holes
I suggest extreme caution when working with potassium chlorate.

Small amounts of chlorate-fuel mixture may be fun to play with, but do not attempt to make a large batch if you value your fingers.