Where can you buy steel (chrome) chain like used in a dog leash or wallet chain, but 7 feet or longer?

These are sold as dog collars in 4 foot lengths, but I need more like 7 feet. I tried looking up "wallet chain" but those are obviously even shorter. I saw this kind of chain was also called police chain or handcuff chain. Strength is important, it can't be some soft metal like cheap jewelry, preferably steel. Any ideas who sells this, preferably at discount prices? Thanks...

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onrust7 years ago
You can get dog leashes (made of the same chain) at 99 cent stores.
sky07 years ago
Some cheap but good quality chain comes from 5 & 10. You can also measure and cut your chain however you like.

hope this was useful
Our equivalent of Home Depot do it in the section with ropes and fixings, so I am pretty sure HD must do it there.

Yep, most any good hardware store would have it.  Or a saddle/riding equipment shop.
Or Tandy Leather.
Or chains R us.