Where can you get a AC to AC adapter?

 I need an AC to AC adapter for the LED fridge light project. I however only known and have seen of AC to DC adapters for cell phones etc. Where can I get one? I have found websites that allow you to buy a customized one but only for batches of hundreds. 

Specifically, I need 4.5V 500ma.

Thanks in advance.

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Burf7 years ago
You want an AC step down transformer. If you check with model train hobbyist retailers, most sell what they call "Accessory Transformers." 
These are usually variable select transformers, from 0 to 19volts. You turn a dial to select the voltage you want, but the settings are a little iffy so I always tune the output with a multi-tester.  They range in price from around $30 to $200 U.S. depending on the wattage you want.
seandogue Burf7 years ago
Since LED's need DC to run, and are not terribly happy faced with AC, why do you want to feed them with AC ?
Dr.Bill7 years ago
Just take the diode and any capacitor out of a cell phone charger and you have an AC/AC transformer and you have what you need.
Re-design7 years ago
You can buy a 4.5V 500ma or more WALL WART.  Not all wall adapters are DC.  I've got several that are AC.  Google "4.5 v ac adapter" and you'll find what you need.
JimFlo7 years ago
If you did mean 4.5 vdc, all my old adaptors/battery eliminators  for portable CD players used this voltage. With everyone using MP3 you can probably find one in any middle aged persons closet, yard sale, etc.
If you needed 4.5 VAC, try taking one apart and removing the rectifying diodes.Just a thought.
lemonie7 years ago
That's quite a project, good luck with it and please publish it.
If you can find a 4.5V power supply, like the AC to DC adapters for cell phones, you can dismantle it and remove the bit that converts AC to DC. And you don't need exactly 4.5V, there's a bit of room either side, but you would want one with a fairly high current-rating.

orksecurity7 years ago
If you really mean AC to AC, that's known as a transformer.

If you mean AC to DC, that's known as a power supply. Which is a transformer feeding a rectifier (usually a bridge rectifier) feeding a filter and/or a regulator chip.

Note that anything which supplies a regulated 4.5V at 500ma OR MORE will do what you want. The circuit will draw what it needs and ignore the fact that more is available. A power supply specifically designed for 500ma may be more compact or cheaper than one which can supply more, but depending on your project that may not matter.