Where could I buy a "Baron Tool Co. #860 Leather Punch?

Hello, I need to buy a Baron Tool Co. #860 is a Harley Davidson Winged bar and shield leather tool.
I have looked for weeks (actually only 10 days) and I can't find it  anywhere.

Thank you,
Jesse M.

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orksecurity7 years ago
Out of business? See http://standingbears.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=questions&action=display&thread=24
mrlunna13 (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
Sorry for replying so late, I just want to thank you for your help with finding a "Baron Tools" stamp.
I honestly appreciate your help,
Jesse M.
mrlunna13 (author)  mrlunna135 years ago
It took me almost 2 years but I found them. 2 Harley Davidson Leather Tools.
I bought Baron Tool L.A. #860 and Baron Tool L.A. #856

It was very expensive but I got them, Finally.

Thanks to all!!
Jesse M.
seandogue7 years ago
Ebay? Also, look for sellers of vintage tools.

For instance, http://www.leathercrafttoolsforsale.com/vintage-leather/

 can't say that the link will "hit", but it's a start
mrlunna13 (author)  seandogue7 years ago
I have been checking eBay every single day. They don't have much to choose from. But thank you for your help.

Jesse M.
Jesse. Do a google search for "vintage tools". I've run across several sites over the past couple years for auction/plain purchase of vintage tools of all sorts. I don't have a link for you, but I did not find it difficult to discover them. It was just a matter of being patient and hitting a couple dozen links to see what was in them. Other terms you might use include "old tools", "hand tools antique", "antique tools", "antique leather tools"...I think you see where I'm going here. Best of luck!
mrlunna13 (author)  seandogue7 years ago
Thank you Sean. I am sorry it took me more than a week to respond. I was out of town without a computer. I have been checking auction sites, I found two so far, but the starting price was astronomical. Some people who sell vintage tools think that they have not gold but diamonds. I really appreciate your input thought.

Jesse M.
Have Tandy nothing similiar ?
mrlunna13 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Nope, nobody sells the stamps that "Baron Tools" used to sell. Example: Harley Davidson stamps, Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Bud, Coors.
They kicked so much ass with the stamps they used to produce.
Unfortunately I didn't know they existed until this year that I started working with leather.
Thank you,
Jesse M.