Where could i buy a peltier/heatsink unit?

I want to make a USB mini fridge and i don't know where the best place to get a peltier/heatsink unit would be.

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1154947 years ago
you might start looking at radio shack.
Stew28 years ago
If you don't mind searching for one, you could keep an eye out on garage sales and flea markets for one of those plug in 12volt coolers and then just harvest the peltier off of it.
...which is fine, but a USB port can only supply 5V and a few hundred mA.... Steve
True, my bad, I was just thinking of the peltier and not the voltage.
frollard8 years ago
unitednuclear.com ebay.com dealextreme.com (didn't search, but I think they have some) Lots of options. Google is your friend if you're totally lost.