Where did you get the exotic hardwoods?

(Question assumes that you posted this while living in SF per your profile)

I just moved back to the Bay Area a few months ago, and am having trouble finding a good place to buy small pieces of exotic hardwood in person (I would prefer not to order over the web since I can't see the exact piece)

Was the photo of the "hardwood sticks $2.00/each" taken somewhere local? If so, where?

mikeasaurus10 months ago

For those local to the Bay Area, I got those wood scraps at MacBeath Hardwood in Berkeley.

ChristopherO57 (author)  mikeasaurus10 months ago

Thanks for the info! It's a bit far from where I live in Gilroy, but if I find myself up that way, I'll check them out.

ChristopherO57 (author)  ChristopherO5710 months ago

Ooh, there's one in San Jose as well!