Where do our questions end up?

In the forums?

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lebowski8 years ago
Nope, they will stay right here in Answers. Answers is a separate from Forums. Use the forums for general discussions and Answers for specific questions. We're also working on connecting answers with specific Instructables to help get everyone's questions answered.
bumpus (author)  lebowski8 years ago
Ahh! I see now. Thanks Lebowski!
lil jon1688 years ago
in the can : p nah idk
Berkin8 years ago
in a file in the instructables servers, next to the robots real name
Chicken22098 years ago
The same place your jokes go

*preview comment isn't working D: *
What happened in that video? It got VIACOM'd!
its Demetri martin's stand up from Demetri martin. Person. he really has some really funny jokes he has a new series called important things with Demetri Martin on Comedy Central airing on the 11th i think
I can't wait for his new show.
kelseymh8 years ago
The Western Wall.

Just testing this out