Where do you buy small amounts of freezer paper without buying a great big roll?

I need freezer paper for a quilting project, but I don't know where to buy a small amount, I only have found the great big rolls for $40 dollars on line and I don't want to go to that expense for one project. Do you know of a Craft store where you can buy smaller amounts?

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Gorfram8 years ago
PaperZone, a chain of stationery/paper-crafting stores, sells freezer paper by the inch. Maybe there's a similar store near you? And/or you could trying asking around at your local quilter's shop(s) - somebody there is likely to know.
Grathio8 years ago
How much do you need? Most grocery stores have 18 inch rolls for around $5.00-6.00.
Grathio8 years ago
What size do you need? Most local grocery stores will sell an 18" by 50 foot roll for about $5.00.
orksecurity8 years ago
By freezer paper, do you mean the plasticised stuff, or just a large sheet of paper? If the latter, newsprint might work and if you can find a community newspaper in your area that still does its own printing end-rolls are fairly cheap -- or you can get smaller rolls/sheets from craft stores, or from moving-supply stores.
kevinhannan8 years ago
any chance you can buy a product you can use and then re-use the paper it came in?
Re-design8 years ago
Talk to the butcher at a meat market or the grocery story where you shop. Usually they will just give you some as a curtesy.