Where do you buy tin-snips?

 It can't be K-mart. We don't have K-mart. We don't have dollar store. We don't have Radio Shack. Actually we have a different version of the Dollar Store, but I couldn't find any tin-snips there either. I can't order online because I would have to pay $500 just for the shipping.

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Lowe's, Home Depot, (maybe) Walmart, Harbor Freight, Tractor Supply Co...

Plus all the stuff that the others have already said.
musick_085 years ago
I just bought mine at harbor freight (about $25 for reds, greens, and straights) and they're offset too.
gonzoman737 years ago

there ya go :). reasonable price too.
l8nite7 years ago
Pretty much anywhere tools are sold, you might try looking under other names like aviation snips, metal shears, metal snips
Re-design7 years ago
A hardware store should carry them, but your best bet might be on the internet.  Ebay should have lots of them as will any tool supplier.
kcls7 years ago
The local hardware store usually has tin-snips. Do you have sears? Craftsman tools rock, because they have a lifetime warranty. If the tool gets rusty, you just walk into the store, grab another of the tool and show it to them, and your good to go. Also snap-on tools have the same type of thing. If all else fails, order online.