Where in the USA can I buy a the measuring tape?

You gave an exsample of measuring pvc pipe and can up with an answer of 10.4 inches.
Where can I buy a tape measure like that. Mine are in 1/8, or 16's, 1/4... inch.

244 Jake

audreyobscura5 months ago

My math equated to 10.4 inch sections of pipe, which I fudged to 10 and 3/8ths and still got excellent results.

mike09102028 days ago

Try here:


This is an excellent company for all kinds of tools and gardening supplies and tools. I have been a customer for years and recommend them highly.

i26antony4 months ago

I have used a tape like you are asking about so I know they exist. But I have found using metric works better.

To convert inch measurements to metric, I divide by 25.4 to get the milimeters. Then you can move your decimal point to the left to get centimeters, decimeters, or meter. I scratch-build high power rockets and working in metric is a lot easier when you're scaling up a smaller model rocket to fly on more powerful motors.