Where is a good city to learn maker skills?

I'm looking to spend the summer working/learning new, hands-on skills (woodworking, CNC, Autodesk products, etc.). I've been looking at a city with a Techshop in it, but I'm looking for something with some more class structure (Woodworking I leads to Woodworking II, something like that!) as well as something thats has a regular class schedule rather than one or two meetings like a Techshop course has.  Any suggestions?

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Tech shop classes are a great start. From there you just need hands on with everything. These kind of hands on skills are better learned in an apprenticeship format then classroom. So find your nearest tech shop with the equipment you're wanting to learn about. There will be people there to help show you the ropes and get you start on the road to fully understanding things. Also start watching youtube videos. Great wealth of information there and a great way to pick up many of the tips and tricks to using the equipment.

paul.mckay (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

Ah, so you'd suggest an internship before a Techshop experience? Do you have any idea on a way to easily browse these types of internships?

I'm saying you'll benefit more from an internship kind of experience. Which you can easily get at a tech shop working with some people and helping them out on projects they may be working on. A formal classroom environment isn't the best way to get hands on skills. You can get that kind of information off youtube videos. The tech shop gives you access to the higher priced tools so you can play around with them and really start to hone your skills.

You want to learn maker skills? how bout working on a farm. Something breaks on the farm you may not have the opportunity to go to the store to buy a replacement.

Community colleges offer welding degrees. There is also a horeshoe college in Oklahoma.

Kiteman3 years ago

Instructables is based in San Francisco...

paul.mckay (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Oh believe me, I know - I've wanted to do an internship there for a long while. I'm definitely going to consider it if I can find my "edge" before its time to apply!

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I forget the world is so big; sorry Joe, I'm new at this! But I'd be open to suggestions anywhere in North America. Thanks!

Well I went to college in Toronto & Mississauga Ontario, I went to University in Guelph Ontario. They all had internship programs, I would check with your local schools and colleges as well as other colleges in other states via their web pages.

Where in the world are you ?

paul.mckay (author)  steveastrouk3 years ago

I'm in the southern U.S.!