Where is the best possible place to sell my duct tape wallets for the highest possible price?

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seandogue7 years ago
Here or anywhere where there are lots of people who consider themselves "people of choice" ie, they have lots of money for frivolous things. Try tkaing a couple hundred to Burning Man or a DeadHead wannabee concert. Also, any trendy neighborhoods with boutiques that cater to the idle rich "avante garde"
orksecurity7 years ago
Note that you're competing against commercial manufacturers at this point, not to mention the folks who would rather make their own or would prefer one of the other designs. Also note that highest possible price is not necessarily best possible income --  if you insist on top price you'll sell fewer. Of course that may be the best profit per hour invested, but if you want to earn a nontrivial amount of money it may not be the best answer.

Generally, you're going to have better sales opportunities if you're making something that requires skills that not everyone has, or at least if there's something unique about your design.
... or if you're selling them somewhere that nobody has seen the idea before.
Re-design7 years ago
Doctor What7 years ago
 Selling to people you know will be direct, but you won't get a high price out of them.

If they are a good quality, then post them on etsy.com.