Where is the cheapest place to buy Duck Tape duct tape?

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wilcurt8 years ago
Dollar tree, Deals, and other dollar stores are the very cheapest, but it doesn't rip easily. Walmart is your best bet because, it rips easily, and you get more "bang for your buck" if you now what I mean.
KawaiiC3 years ago

I love the Ducktape brand because it rips very easily but is very expensive!

AwesomeTape4 years ago
You can buy duct tape at Target in Tillicum mall for $5 bucks, oh yea thats in Canada!
miriamel5 years ago
If you want really good quality Duck tape with all the colors and patterns,
see if you have a Michael's craft store near you. You can get a 40% off 1 item coupon from their website, and get a roll of Duck tape for less than $3.00.
(Here in South Dakota it usually costs about $5.00.) Hobby Lobby has the Duck tape and a 40% off coupon as well, but I get their coupons out of the newspaper, and the coupon is harder to find.
orksecurity8 years ago
Why that particular brand? There's nothing particularly special about it other than the cute name...
I have tried most commonly available duct tapes, and Duck is by far the best. It's the strongest, it's easy to rip, and it ousticks all the others. Walmart. Industrial strength (blue packaging) is the best. costs a bit extra, but it will outlast anything else.
snickets8 years ago
Don't know where you live, but here i bought one not long ago for $1/roll at Dollarama (a dollar store chain in Canada)