Where to buy enamel paint(online shops)?

Hello! I live in croatia, and I can't seem to find what im looking for here. 

I am searchng for a shop that sells all kind of automotive paints, and ALSO has worldwide shipping!

Im searching for the Bronze enamel paint, as I have to paint my Motorcycle, which is made of plastic. Also, I am not looking for aerosol paints, just the ones in the bucket..

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Where do you live dsirotic? If there is a walmart or a Home Deop. nearby your going to want to check there I've bought some aerosol paints from there, and i'm sure they have that type of paint available in Buckets.

Vyger3 years ago

If it is solvent based paint you might have some shipping restrictions since it can be pretty flammable. You might be limited on the volume they will ship also.

Burf3 years ago

Amazon.com or amazon.co.uk both sell enamel bronze paint in buckets. Whether they ship to Croatia you'll have to determine from their websites.

dsirotic (author)  Burf3 years ago

I already searched for Amazon but the only thing i could find are those small buckets used for modelling. Can you please do a fast search and find me some suitable link? I need at least 30 fl.oz.. I would be greatfull!

Burf dsirotic3 years ago