Where to buy small empty wire spools?

I often buy wire off the internet that doesn't come on spools.  Does anyone know of a reliable company that sells small spools like the one in the picture?  I already googled it, but the sites didn't look very reliable.  Also, I checked McMaster-Carr, and the wire spools are fairy big, but I could settle for them if I can't find small spools.

Thanks in advance!


Picture of Where to buy small empty wire spools?
acidbass4 years ago
radio shack, craft stores and most home improvment stores such as ace
JaredsProjects (author)  acidbass4 years ago
I thought radio shack doesn't sell empty spools. (that's where I got the wire pictured.)
well then go with my other two ideas ACE, home depot, lowes. or a craft store Michaels, A.C. moores. maybe even a quilting place like joanns fabrics
JaredsProjects (author)  acidbass4 years ago
Diex20053 years ago
You're looking for a Plastic Wire spool called a "BOBBIN".

Unfortunately, i've been looking for them as well, with no luck.
ARJOON4 years ago
ebay and radioshack is your friend
aelias364 years ago
Radioshack carries it.