Where to buy zippo fluid?

I just got a zippo and i need to know where to buy authentic zippo fluid.

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My friend always bought his on Amazon.com

anarbiter97 years ago
Publix sells them
Gas stations if youre lucky
or look online
know of a good online site that sells zippo lighter fluid

sharlston7 years ago
most corner shops sell it you dont need autentic zippo fluid swan or ronsol will do
A real cigar shop, or any real smoke shop.

Zippo fluid smells better than that crap ronsonol or other drug store stuff, the new "improved" fluid has like no odor
Most smoke shops, drugstores, and some grocery stores will carry some variety of lighter fluid.
Despite what Zippo tells you, the other brands of lighter fluid (i.e. Ronson) work just fine and will not cause your Zippo to spontaneously combust.
This.  I've been able to find it in grocery stores and liquor stores pretty easily.

I've only been able to find butane in liquor stores, which sell cigs and cigars, and cigar stores, but you don't use butane in zippos.
lemonie8 years ago
Where did you just get the Zippo from? Go there.


(unless like most Zippo-owners you found it somewhere...)
Too true. I own seven or eight Zippos (they get used onstage a lot), and I didn't buy any of them.
They have that lifecycle, it's super in a way...

Yup. It's sad when the time comes for one of them to move on, but it's just their nature to roam.
seandogue8 years ago
maybe www.zippo.com can lead you to a local retailer.

this catalog shows the lighter fluid item