Where to find old printers, computers, or other tech stuff to hack?

Over the summer, I'm looking to hack some old office machines for parts and pieces. So where exactly can I find old computers, monitors, or printers? I have already checked the recycling transfer center, and they had some, but they don't let people take them. (Sigh!) Is there anywhere else I can find these cheap or free?

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munchman8 years ago
Wait for the next Hard Rubbish collection, quickly pick up anything you see before the rain/nature/neighbourhood kids get to it.
Bardouv8 years ago
Goodwills, at least in my area, have massive amounts of old technology. A big disadvantage though is that sometimes you are missing essential cables or parts that are hard to find.
christophor8 years ago
Go around the office parks in your area as well as any industrial areas. Keep an eye on the local news. I work on site for my client. They have a steady stream of computers, printers etc. They scrap the old stuff when they buy new. I asked for and got permission to harvest parts from the scrap pallets. Due to security restrictions, I can't take home a whole machine, printer for example, but I can dismantle it and take everything but the part with the asset tag on it. I scored some nice polished steal rods and bushings for a CNC / Repstrap I'm working on at home. I also got some old PC power supplies. Sometimes I just take scrap metal. I wound up with an odd shaped piece of titanium sheet metal. (This is a company that uses that kind of thing.) I don't want to mess it up, so it's kind of like a pet now. lol A lot of time companies will get a big dumpster in their parking lot, and they just load it up with old furniture and office equipment. Keep an eye out for those. You can "advertise" in craigslist or some such place that you're interested in picking up salvage. People will pay you to haul off their junk. You can harvest the parts you want and sell the rest for scrap. I once worked for this guy who did that. He rented a HUGE storage where we stripped everything down to it's components, copper here, aluminum there, etc. I got paid in parts. One night, we removed the laser assembly from a 1970's era Xerox machine. You could see the beam itself. It was about as thick as a pencil and projected a dot on the clouds. It was a lot of fun until the cops showed up and told us the beam was somehow penetrating 1/2 mile of forest and scaring drivers on the highway. I also get stuff from Freecycle sometimes. You sign up for the group and offer something you don't want, but someone else might find useful. Then you can ask for things. You can also get things other people are offering. It's all free and you can really help people out especially these days. I gave away a car seat, some lamps and a shoebox full of RAM. I got a bunch of printers and some tools. It's not a trade or a sale. People just offer their stuff for free to whomever wants it. It's a lot of fun. If you live in North East Florida, let me know.
I want THAT laser beam. Sounds fun to use.
cosgrove8 years ago
Talk to friends, family and neighbours, put word out that you're looking for the stuff Also, Try Craigslist (America) or Gumtree (UK)
marcward868 years ago
i took an old monitor to an electronics recycling center (city owned). it was really just a trailer parked in a lot with a guy cramming that kind of stuff into it. there were lots of goodies i wanted to take home with me. You probably have one in your area. I bet they wouldn't mind you trading out pieces of junk.
sound918 years ago
Look at garage sales. People often have old stuff, and you can sometimes talk them into a really low price or for free. Also, look along the side of streets. I have found some things that people just leave beside the curb. My biggest supply has come from friends and others that are just getting rid of broken junk.