Where to find quality, easy, clean, yet delicious finger-food snacks?

Hello, friends! I am looking for good quality snack foods that are easy to make and they must be (yes, must) delicious. Thank you.

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Vyger2 months ago



she has all kinds of things and teaches the cooking class.

iceng Vyger2 months ago

As much as I agree, Ethan may not cotton to her exquisite creations or he would have had the sense to review her ibles...

iceng2 months ago

Half the people I know like Marzipan the others do not...

Perhaps you can give us a few examples of what finger foods appeal to your pallet ?

Ethan1023 (author) 2 months ago

Okay... ...um, what I meant was, directly relating to the Instructables community. Which users are best? What are some good links? Thanks a bunch, anyways!

rickharris2 months ago

Your key word is Canape


Personally I like dates wrapped in bacon

Vyger2 months ago

grocery store