Where to get piezo igniters?

I have several lighters that I still like, either for their design or intended purpose.
But over the years some failed to produce proper sparks with the piezo.
For some I could salvage replacements from cheap lighters but not so much for the longer ones - the type to get your bbq or oven going.
Here the wire from the igniter is in ne long piece going all the way from the piezo, through the long neck to the flame outlet.
As the wires in those piezo igniters are aluminium it is next to impossible to attach a longer wire as usually there is no room for crimped connections and the isolation is a problem too.
I also have one particular lighter that uses a slightly longer and thicker piezo igniter, the common ones don't work here as they are too short.
Adding more support underneath is a no go as the shorter ones have less travel when activated.
Last but not least is one lighter that requires a piezo with not just the little metal cap at the end but with a full metal body for the stationary part.
The lighter in question does not work with standard types even if I add a little metal strip to make proper contact.
Problem is simply put that like this the standard ones arch over and no spark comes out of the wire.

So big question:
Is there any supplier or Ebay shop where one could actuall see the various types of piezo igniters and order them in small or single quantities?
So far I already struggled to find a source for the crappy standard ones and the only one I found wanted to charge $ 2.95 US per igniter plus postage.
Sounded a bit greedy to me considering I can buy a complete lighter with it for around one single buck...

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Jack A Lopez3 months ago

Yeah, like you say, "considering I can buy a complete lighter with it for around one single buck", I think that might be the way to do it, if the igniter module, found inside the 1-dollar lighter, is a good size.

Actually, I took some pictures of my hands taking apart one of these 1-dollar, barbecue lighters, and put them in Step 4 of my Piezo Pen instructable, here,


That barbecue lighter was purchased from a DollarTree(r),


somewhere in the former United States.

Also those pictures were taken in 2011, about 6 years ago, so I don't know for sure if the same thing is still available at the local DollarTree(r) today.

BTW, are you living somewhere in the FUS? Your profile location says Australia, and your choice of username kind of suggests this too, but I dunno, maybe you picked up and moved recently.

You would think the wholesale, per unit, price for these piezo modules would be measured in pennies or dimes, if they could sell a complete lighter for 1.00 USD.

I am surprised you could not find someone selling these things for cheap on eBay, and now I guess I'll have to check eBay myself to confirm this is the case.

Downunder35m (author)  Jack A Lopez3 months ago

As said, some I could fix with the guts of a cheap lighter but the others use a different type, length or diameter for the igniter.
If you find a proper guy on Ebay let me know as I fail to find them.
And yes, I am sitting where the kangaroos jump around ;)

I could not find much on eBay either. Also tried searching dx.com and banggood.com, with similar disapointing results.

I found a page at alibaba.com,

but I am not sure about those guys.

I have seen their pages come up in search results before, but I have never found the courage to try buying anything sold there.

I mean, for any particular thing, I'm trying to build, I am not trying to build hundreds, or thousands of that thing. But I suppose Alibaba.com does make sense for people who do own factories, or for re-selling (re-tailing?) businesses.

Also I found a Wikipedia page for, "Piezo igniter",

and one of the references for this page pointed into some web pages for a company named "American Piezo",


And that's about all I found.

I still think your best, easiest, solution is probably going to be cannibalizing dollar store lighters, one at a time, unless you want to get into the lighter manufacturing business.

iceng3 months ago

My office wall, and RV both use a piezo igniter ..

Downunder35m (author)  iceng3 months ago

I know these long things but they won't fit into a lighter, same for the battery powered ones LOL

Now I get it you want to light your Barbie or is it Barbecue (see, I'm not sure where you are ?).. Using your arm to place a flame generating cigarette lighter (not so safe !Z!z)...

May I recommend a piezo gas lighter with a safe longer reach.

You may need to click the pic to see the whole image..