Where would you buy camo duct tape?


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Re-design8 years ago
Take your pick.

If you live near a hunting / fishing oriented sporting goods, there is probably some there.

I know this answer might be just a little late but you can buy it online just google camo duct tape

Sandisk1duo8 years ago
Evedently, my local Wal-Mart doesn't have camo. I looked at the tags everywhere around the duct tape
agreed. I saw it the other day.
glugnar (author) 8 years ago
sorry it took so long to pick one ive been having school troubles and other stuff
neivadan8 years ago
i know u can buy some at a near by millatry post well not really but dont take ti seriosly insted try canadain tires they i think they do tend to sell huntng ware