Which DealExtreme knife is best?

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sylviago6 years ago
i think the first one looks great, i also saw some cool knives at chinabuye, they are cheap too and they ship it for free.
maggiey7 years ago
I think Sunnygain.com is much cheaper than DX. Similar to DX,sunnygain.com offers wholesale prices plus free shipping.
qwertyman107 years ago
Well, its not as much what the knife looks like, its more of what its made of. I have 3 hibben throwing knives and one brandless Pakistan bowie, and when I was throwing them one day, one of the hibben knives stuck directly through and out the other side of the Pakistan bowie. what would be best is to go to www.knifecenter.com and get a 440 stainless. they start at around 15 for a good one and they can hold an edge.
dumbguy7 years ago
which is the best? seriously, look at the pictures, the one that you like the best is the best one. doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.
SKU 7011 - The ultrafire knife, and all of the other ultrafire brand knives with that type of frame have a problem with the screws. They work loose or break off rapidly. I think it's because of low-quality threading or just wrong sizing. I've got several of these knives in pieces because of this.

SKU 18076 looks pretty solidly built. I'd go for that one.

SKU 6198 - Might get you into trouble in Canada as it looks more like a weapon than a tool. The same will be true of nearly any dagger-style knife. Check your local knife laws and even give your police station a call and ask them what their guidelines are.

SKU 11620, same problems as the ultrafire knife. All those tiny screws are just begging to break off. Once one goes, they all start breaking.

I do have one recomendation: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.19364 It's a small knife, but pretty solid and well worth the cost.
Flumpkins (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
About your recomendation, I don't really like thouse oblong ones
No sweat. To each his own. Please don't let my warnings about the other knives stop you either. I'm sure a little creativity can solve any problem if you're willing to tweak them. Best of luck.
5150tech8 years ago
They are all under $10 so your not getting a knife that will last you forever. all things being equal I think #18076 is the most versatile and probably the most useful however, I also like 6198 but it is mostly a weapon. my daily knife is a kershaw 1640 vapor it's small, quick and good for most things but not amazing for anything. I got it for $20 at walmart. it's also not a lifetime knife but it is ok. if you spend a bunch of money you can get great knives from Kershaw, Cold Steel, buck, and Gerber to name a few.
Flumpkins (author)  5150tech8 years ago
Nothing lasts forever, plus this is DealExtreme. Everything is alot cheaper than you would find in a regular store. What about 6198 and 11620?
Flumpkins (author)  Flumpkins8 years ago
Not 6198, I mean 7011
7011 appears to be a good little daily carry knife as with any knife that has screws you need to keep an eye on the screws and tighten them every now then. a bit of lock tight or nail polish will help them stay tight. I think if your looking for a daily pocket knife it's less bulky than 18076 and almost has useful. it also depends on what your day consists of if your likely to be attacked by ninjas well it's too small but, if like me, you open a box or bag and on occasion a bit of string then it's a good knife. I personally would like a few more ninjas in my day, I'm kinda bored most days.
I would choose sku.18076 because it looks easier to hold and is more like a knife for cutting stuff. The other ones are pretty much just daggers.
Flumpkins (author)  Shadow Dragon8 years ago
I might want something like a daggar... I'm not sure.