Which Logo?

I want a new logo for my youtube. Which do you like best? These are all edited Jack White logos. 

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The best logo is one that describes you or your channel in an unique way and has a high recognition factor to your visitors. This means that re-using your favourite musicians logo really isn't the way to go.
Takedown on youtube is really easy so it could come back to haunt you. Taking out a stripe or adding one (maybe use a square boundry with rounded edges instead of the circle) is my best suggestion if you don't want to create something totally new.

For the color scheme. Think hard about your message as color tells more about a logo than the actual image in these instances, blue is cold and somewhat sterile, gold/yellow on dark colors says "this is exclusive/expensive". Red is an intense color and 'jumps' at you when overused.

That being said, I'm digging the yellow-ish / dark brown one (right bottom) best in terms of contrast and final looks.
But the left one (white/brown) captures more attention in smaller places like an avatar.
the one on the right because the corners are round have you thought about a red one?
sorry couldnt help myself how about a refection too
freeza36 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
I think that looks really great. Thanks. What editor do you use?
I use gimp, it free and works on linux macs and windows http://www.gimp.org/
you can do hell of a lot with it but its a steep learning curve.
I just realized who jack white is, you probably don't want to pick a fight with a US music label, try and disguise your logo a bit more.
freeza36 (author)  liquidhandwash4 years ago
That is very true... I think changing the colors may be enough, and youtube hasn't said anything yet, so if it comes to it< i will. And I use fotoflexer.com
Hey freeza, I think the blue one is good, seems like it has the look and colors that 'excite' people. But id say if you used the to edit it a bit, make the silvers look more metallic, and the blues more solid and electric
canucksgirl4 years ago
The best one is the one that isn't removed for copyright infringement. :-)
freeza36 (author)  canucksgirl4 years ago
Yeah, I don't know if changing the colors and likeliness will pass as a different logo, not the copyrighted logo...
No, it would be considered "passing off" - make McDonalds arches blue and see what happens if you posted them.
iceng4 years ago
Which one is the best answer ?
iceng iceng4 years ago
So this one ;)
freeza36 (author)  iceng4 years ago
I do really like that one, but it is very similar to the original, and I want to take as small as a chance that I can with copyright laws.
iceng freeza364 years ago
You need a CW lawyer ... to me they are identical shape logos with
simple color variations.

BTW Europe country flags with the same shapes and different colors exist.