Which RF filter do I need for Tesla coil line protection?

How do I determine what voltage and amp rating my RF line filter should be? I'm building a modest Tesla coil, powered by an automobile ignition coil  and must buy an RF line filter for my house mains, but there are so many differently rated filters for sale. I suspect that I can get by with a 120 volt, 10 amp rated filter for my U.S. house current, but all the ones online are rated for 240 volts. Can I still use 240v, and what amp rating?

A 240 V filter will be fine on 110, but not the other way round. Current rating is unlikely to need to be more than 10A
sawyer57 (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
Thank you for your kind answer. I will enter it in my book of facts and keep it in mind when I select the filter!