Which burns at a lower temperature Isopropyl alcohol or acetone?

I have in my possession 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol and some relatively pure acetone which burns at a lower temperature and for how long?

Bigev8 years ago
Light up equal amounts and record which burns hotter and/or longer.
frollard8 years ago
msds for iso alcohol shows auto-combustion temperature of 399 degrees C 50% iso will burn at a very low temperature (about 50 degrees celcius) - makes for a great science experiment - you can soak money in the solution, then ignite it, and the flame is cooler than the combustion temperature of money... The flame temperature depends on atmospheric oxygen, if you're vapourizing the iso first, etc...
lemonie8 years ago
IPA is less volatile and has a higher boiling point. On that basis I'd expect it tl burn more slowly. The temperature is somewhat meaningless, and best assessed by burning the stuff and finding out. L
kelseymh8 years ago