Which capacitor is the sweep cap in a Cry Baby GCB-95?

I have a Cry Baby that I want to mod into a bass pedal, and I've heard that you can simply replace the sweep cap with a .068 uF cap to make it a bass wah. However, I can't seem to find the sweep cap, the only capacitors that I can see have the wrong value, but there's these weird box things that I'm not sure about, I've never seen a capacitor like that before... Anyways, could someone please tell me which capacitor is the sweep cap? It says it's a Rev. H model on the back plate, but the circuit board says it's a Rev. I, if that helps.

Picture of Which capacitor is the sweep cap in a Cry Baby GCB-95?
i think that little red thing is it see if it says 104
RelaxedSoup (author)  death defyer7 years ago
It says "10nJ63", but I'm fairly sure that it's the sweep capacitor.
your probably wanting to change the big one with the highest value
RelaxedSoup (author)  death defyer8 years ago
The value of the sweep cap is .01 uF, and none of the ones on the board are labeled as such. The biggest one is 4.7 uF I believe, I think removing it turns the wah into a volume pedal, which I don't need.