Which cell network is better?

Which cell network is better? At&t, or Verizon? Verizon just started service in our town, and they claim they own all the radio towers in the area after they purchased alltel. However, At&t has some good service too. I can get 5 bars in my bedroom. Any help? What I want you to consider: Phone selection, price of service, quality of service. Thanks!

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frollard8 years ago
A few notes - all cel phone salesmen lie. This is a blanket statement, yes...all. Cel phones lie - the 'bars' are engineered to show you the paying customer that signal is '5 bars' everywhere. This scale is NOT standard - and say if a phone needs 10db of signal bare minimum to operate, and prefer 20 for best quality calls...10db will be 1 bar, but most areas have 5 bars showing anything over 12db...Again its hard to show a logarithmic scale in a linear scale. Ask people IN YOUR AREA where you plan to use the phone how happy they are with the service, and exactly what is good/bad.
DJ Radio (author)  frollard8 years ago
the thing is, Im gonna have to wait a while before I can ask people what they think of verizon, because they just started service in the area by buying Alltel.
Ask people who used alltel :D
it depends on where you live. I'm in the midwest, and Alltel works great for me, because I have service everywhere. so whatever works best for service in your area I would recommend.
DJ Radio (author)  AlternateLives8 years ago
If you are on alltel's network, you are on Verizon's network.
The difference? They both seem to work the same.
DJ Radio (author)  AlternateLives8 years ago
No, I mean that Verizon bought alltel, so now you have service with Verizon.
No wonder i don't see the commercials anymore!
That's what I meant.
StyleCore8 years ago
Verizon is the best, but if you go with them dont get the Glyde, it sucks.
Derin8 years ago
Turkcell. Oh wait,you lived in the US.Sorry,I forgot.
hmbscott8 years ago
I'm an iPhone user so I'm stuck with at&t. That's one thing to consider. Is the type of phone you want offered by a particular carrier or not. I have been a long time at&t customer and the coverage is OK. My home is in a fairly rural area and most cell carriers coverage is pretty spotty, so for me it doesn't make much difference from the coverage point of view, they are all so so. On the other hand I really love the iPhone. I used to hate all of my prior cell phones. So for me its a pretty easy decision. At&t because of the iPhone.
DJ Radio (author)  hmbscott8 years ago
I have the iphone, I got bored with it.
led2358 years ago
i have been with AT&T for 3 years, i made a huge mistake being with sprint the last 9! at&t bought over 300 cell towers in the midwest, and sprint sold 200. sprints choking. at&t is dominating.
DJ Radio (author)  led2358 years ago
what the hell does sprint have to do with this?
Wolf Seril8 years ago
Make a pro/con chart. Prices, features, the good of each and the bad of each. If you aren't getting a phone right now, wait untill you know someone with Verizon, and ask them about their coverage. Frollard is right- bars aren't standard, so don't base your decision on them, base it on the quality of calls. I've had AT&T for about three years, and I'm going to switch to verizon when my current contract is up, because it's better for my area.
orksecurity8 years ago
The one that has best coverage in the areas where you travel, and the best prices for the way you actually use the phone. (I'm on neither of those; one of their competitors has a plan which suits my needs much better, and they have good coverage in my corner of the country.)
DJ Radio (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
I dont know which is better, because I have not used Verizon's services.
Here's the deal: AT&T is a GSM provider and Verizon is a CDMA provider. They use two different networks and two slightly different technologies, each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. However, odds are good that both will work equally well in your area, with the notable exception of high-speed internet availability. So it really comes down to price and features. I don't know where you live and what the providers are offering there, and I have no idea what services you want so I can't make suggestions based on their different plans. One tip though: I'd like to point out that cell phones usually come out for GSM networks first. The selection is almost always wider for GSM as well. Due to the use of a SIM instead of programming the handset, it's easier and cheaper to buy and use a used or factory-clearance GSM phone. You can even find cheap knock-off or novelty phones that work on GSM networks. In other words, if you wish to avoid a contract by buying the phone and want cheaper phones and more choice... go with AT&T
DJ Radio (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
I guess a CDMA network would be better, because there is no 3g from at&t here.
Give the local store a call, they'll probably know if there's any likelihood of 3g coming soon. They get frequent memos with information like that well in advance of the public.
gmxx8 years ago
The prices will be almost the same, so it really comes down to which has the best service in your area. % bars is pretty good, but i would check the coverage maps:

DJ Radio (author)  gmxx8 years ago
AT&T doesnt have 3g in our area, and verizon's map shows a digital coverage in my area, so ya...
gmxx DJ Radio8 years ago
then probably verizon would be better for you.... unless you text more than 5000 messages, because as far as i know verizon doesnt have an unlimited text plan.
DJ Radio (author)  gmxx8 years ago
Verizon it is.