Which computer is better?

Hey, I'm trying to figure out which computer I should buy. One is an HP Pavilion HPE H8 with an Intel i7 third generation quad core at 3.4Ghz. The other has an AMD FX100 Hex core processor at 3.5Ghz. It sounds like the AMD is the winner, but I just want to be sure. I plan on running games such as Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Saints Row 3, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed World, and about 7 or 8 other smaller games. The computer with the AMD processor has 8GB RAM and the i7 processor has 10GB, both have 1TB sata 7200rpm HDD. Which is faster? Which will run best?

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Willard2.04 years ago
The i7 will be a much better all around performer.  Intel's i7 has 4 cores, but it also has hyperthreading which doubles the number of threads it can process.  In a nutshell, it is similar to having 8 cores to utilize.  The amd only has 6 cores and they are less efficient in processing. The difference in gaming will be minimal as MOST games only utilize one thread, some games are moving to two threads at the most.

AMD FX6100: 6 cores, 6 threads
Intel i7: 4 cores, 8 threads

Like everyone else has mentioned, the CPU is only part of what makes a gaming computer, the graphics card is what turns a computer into a gaming machine.  Without a high end graphics card, the computer is just a powerful office computer that is great for calculations, but not for pumping out the eye candy of games.

That said, you can transfer the HD7750 from your current PC to your new one, but don't expect any improvement in gaming performance.

I have 2 big issues with the prebuilts: cooling and power supply.  The cases usually only have 1 small fan to keep everything cool.  If you upgrade to hotter components (read: gaming graphics card) usually they overheat and are a constant headache to keep cool. 

Next is the power supply, usually it is only a cheap 350Watt unit.  Some gaming cards pull 250-300W on their own.  The quickly over draw the power supply and fry it.  When power supplies, especially the cheap ones, fail, they have the chance of damaging other components in the computer (CPU, HDD, motherboard).
knexpert1700 (author)  Willard2.04 years ago
This is the case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811855003
And it has a 550W power supply. So I think that is fine, however, I forgot to mention that the AMD comes with a Radeon 7850 and the Intel comes with a GT630, which I will replace with my Radeon 7750 I already have.
If the AMD system comes with a 7850, then that would be the better buy.  In reality an i7 is unnecessary for gaming.  The 7850 graphics card has plenty of power for a single monitor setup.

A 550W should be plenty for a 7850 and FX6100

A Nvidia 630 is nothing more than a media card.  Great for playing HD movies and blurays, but not so great for gaming.
A great cpu is only half the equation, a strong video card is essential to enjoyable gaming. Both PC's are offering built in graphics,of what generation you did not mention but you will most certainly need to add a discreet after market graphics card to get where you want to go.Here lies the problem for you, if you add a discreet card to either system you will then have to upgrade the power supply to meet the greater power demanded and additional fan cooling to the case to vent all that extra heat. Take the cost of the off the shelf PC add in the cost's for a new GPU and PSU and the additional cooling(let's assume that the factory case has places to put extra fannage) and compare it to the cost of a home build (dont forget to add the cost of the OS).What ever $ number you come up with will help you decide which way to go.

Good Luck
Go clone you can go farther with adding video boards, multi processers, multi hard drives, and peripherals.

bwrussell4 years ago
Both will run the programs fine but without data on the video cards there's no way to know for sure what the quality will be like. Do you know the card specs or have links to the comps in question.

A suggestion: If you want to really improve your gaming experanice install a SSD that only holds your games. You can get 64 GB ones for less than $100 and the difference in load times, especially in BF3 multiplayer, is substantial. Just uninstall games you're not playing to free up space. When I moved BF3 to a SSD my load times went from several minutes to a few seconds. Just a thought.
A good CPU and a lot of RAM is good but if the tower's don't have an adequate video card to support the games you won't get very good frame rates. If these systems are not advertised as gaming systems then they will be using the built in graphics on the CPU/motherboard which will not handle the kind of games you want to play. At least not with decent frame rates.
knexpert1700 (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
It advertises that it is a gaming computer and comes with 10 games (Crysis 2, Medal of Honor, etc) the only games that I will put on it are Battlefield 3, Minecraft, and Need for Speed. I would assume that because I have a Radeon 7750 on my PC and I run Battlefield 3 fine on low or medium graphics that I should be able to run BF3 fine on that computer on at least medium.
knexpert1700 (author)  knexpert17004 years ago
I will also put GTA IV on it.
crazyg4 years ago
my pavillion came with lots of helpful (useless )software on it , once that was disabled it runs much better.. i would guess having lots of ram is useful for gaming,

have you googled the supplied graphics hardware they have got.?