Which gun should I build?

I want to build the best pistol/sidearm on 'ibles range/power wise but I dont want to build spiff-every time I tried to build it it doesnt work. I also hate beast pistol. Whats the next best pistol/sidearm? Please dont go on about how this should be a forum.

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TheDunkis8 years ago
Pretty much you're looking for an oodammo pistol. Here are the prime contenders for the better oodammo pistols. In no particular order.
www.instructables.com/id/-EAP-Eliminator-Assault-Pistol/ By KSC. It's rather blockish but very reliable and somewhat easy to reload.
www.instructables.com/id/Lightning-Bolt-OodaPistol/ By Raikou-kun (purposely changed name) It uses removable magazines though they don't have as much capacity compared to the space they take up.
www.instructables.com/id/Knexfreek-Hell-Slayer/ By Knexfreek. It has dual mags with two separate firing pins so you can fire either two shots at once or two separate shots.
www.instructables.com/id/Oodassault-Pistol-V3/ By yours truly. It has a tilting mag and can use stripper clips so you can fully reload when empty or reload individual pieces of ammo mid way through the magazine. It requires that you hold onto the front of the magazine if you want to be 99% sure that it will fire without problems.

I depends on what you're looking for. They all win wars in their own ways depending on how large the field and how many players there are. They're all equally fun too.

heatblast7 years ago
VICE CKG and the D-TAB(Dual Turret Assault Bow) are two really reliable guns obviously.They're not sidearms,but they won't let you down in a war either.Both assault weapons are made by Kinetic.
~Z~7 years ago
hellslayer and what killer safecraker said
novakfor38 years ago

Completely awesome gun. And it has slide action!
All three of my Oodammo guns are good. After them I would say the striker pistol and mezak.
Seleziona8 years ago
you gotta build the hellslayer, it doesn't let you down!
It's got dual mags
Two firing pins (lets you add twice the rubber bands than any other gun)
You can fire simultaneously
it's small! just love it, and the triggers have to work, cuz they are just magical

Happy building!!!!!!
cool bas38 years ago
DJ Radio8 years ago
Anything I made or posted.  Preferably one of my last 4 knex guns.