Which is better for web design, Dreamweaver or Flash?

 I suppose I could get both, but I don't want to use bitTorrent or drain myself financially, so if I could only have one to make better webpages, which would it be?

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I know you don't want to hear this, but it totally depends on what you want to do.

Adobe Dreamweaver (previously Macromedia Dreamweaver) can be used for all different types of web development. Adobe Flash (previously Macromedia Flash) uses a very specific language (ActionScript) for creating multimedia rich sites.

It depends on the type of site(s) you plan to create.

M4industries (author)  siliconghost7 years ago
 Hehe... yeah, I hear that way too much. ;-)

But I plan on starting an amateur web-design business. So should I stick with dreamweaver? IMHO, flash sites are cooler to visit, but as you were saying, they have their place.
cmason1114 years ago
I like Dreamweaver. But I'm also lazy so I generally just hire someone to do custom website design for me :)
rickymetz7 years ago
 Dreamweaver. Not all people have Flash and will not be able to view your content. Plus it'll be a praise for people on dial-up, as they won't have to wait a long time while the website loads
How about Joomla!?
Re-design7 years ago
In my personal opinion, Dreamweaver.