Which is the best glue for porcelain?

Recently I dropped the lid of a toilet tank ( I'm a klutz!). I searched for the best glue to use to repair it and the only thing I have found is information for an epoxy to repair fine porcelain. I thought about using Liquid Nail® since it is used for construction but I would like to know if anyone knows a better product. Thank you once again for everyone's help.

Burf5 years ago
My best advice is don't even try to repair the lid. A chip can be repaired but nothing I am aware of will permanently repair a broken porcelain lid. The glue will eventually break or lose its bond and a falling two or three pound chunk of razor sharp porcelain could cause a serious injury.
I recommend you either make a new lid of wood and waterproof it, live without the lid or get another unbroken lid.
Contact the manufacturer, check with local plumbing contractors and suppliers or a building materials salvage yard and see if you can locate a replacement.
rimar20005 years ago
I use silicon sealant-adhesive for these cases. It is very effective and clean.

It is not strong if the surface of the break is not enough large, but in this case I suppose it will work.
blkhawk (author)  rimar20005 years ago
Gracias! I have missed your comments for quite some time.
Kiteman5 years ago
If the break is very clean (ie almost invisible when you hold the pieces together), try a "super" glue.